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FishMap Môn

FishMap Môn is a project aiming to help achieve the vision of the Wales Fisheries Strategy which is to “support the development of viable and sustainable fisheries in Wales as an integral part of coherent policies for safeguarding the environment”.

FishMap Môn logo

FishMap Môn is a £250,000 project funded by the European Fisheries Fund (75%) and Welsh Government (25%) running until September 2013.

The project is being carried out around Anglesey in North Wales to engage with fisherman in order to collect information about fishing activity and intensity.

This data will then be mapped with existing habitat and sensitivity data to develop options to inform sustainable fisheries management- showing which areas are vulnerable to fishing activities and others which are more robust. If successful, the project could be applied to other sea areas around Wales.

The FishMap Môn project is run by the Countryside Council for Wales, working with the North Wales Fishermen’s Cooperative Ltd, Bangor Mussel Producers Ltd and the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers.

The FishMap Môn project focuses mainly on the waters around the Isle of Anglesey and out to 12 nautical miles. The main commercial fisheries in the project area are for shellfish including lobster, crab, prawns, whelks, periwinkles and mussels. Recreational fishing is also important with a variety of species caught such as mackerel, sea bass, pollock and dogfish.

It encompasses an area of approximately 265 km², of which approximately 3% are Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and 3% are Special Protection Areas (SPAs). The SAC areas are mainly composed of the Menai Strait and Conwy Bay SAC (2.8% of the project area) with only a small part of the Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau SAC (0.2%); the majority of the SPA area is within Liverpool Bay SPA (2.9%).

Protected sites within FishMap Mon project area

Map-Protected sites within FishMap Mon project area


Information collected during this project will be combined with existing knowledge about the distribution of marine habitats and their sensitivity to fishing activities. The degree of sensitivity of different habitats to various types and intensities of fishing has been assessed for Wales.


Fisheries habitat map of project area

Map-Fisheries habitat map of project area

Confidence of fisheries habitat map of project area

Map-Confidence of fisheries habitat map of project area


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