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Landscape & wildlife Please note - A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over all functions and services previously carried out by Countryside Council for Wales. While the Natural Resources Wales website continues to be developed, some online services will continue to be provided on this web site.

Shoreline management

Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) use the latest science to achieve sustainable policies on the coast.

Waves and tides move sediment along the coast. This means events at one location impact the shoreline elsewhere. For example, building defences at certain locations might have adverse knock-on effects down the coast.

Areas within which sediment circulates are called sediment cells. The coastline of Wales has a number of them.

The Government is committed to producing plans for each sediment cell. It has identified them as a high level target for the Environmental Agency and for Local Authorities with coastline within their boundaries.

The first generation of Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) in Wales were based on MAFF / Welsh Office guidance. These had many weaknesses, and revised guidance was produced.

A second generation of Shoreline Management Plans – which will take rising sea levels into account – will be produced in Wales over the next few years.

Who produces Shoreline Management Plans?

Many groups come together to discuss SMPs. CCW plays a vital role in emphasising geomorphical, biodiversity and landscape issues. Coastal district authorities and other bodies with coastal defence responsibilities are also involved.

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