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Landscape & wildlife Please note - A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over all functions and services previously carried out by Countryside Council for Wales. While the Natural Resources Wales website continues to be developed, some online services will continue to be provided on this web site.

Natura 2000 Management Plans

These pages provide download links to
conservation objectives for all SAC, SPA and Ramsar sites in Wales.

For terrestrial sites the objectives are provided as part of a Core Management Plan which also includes the results of monitoring and advice on any action required. For marine sites, conservation objectives are provided within a revised package of advice issued under Regulation 35 (formerly Regulation 33) of the Habitats Regulations. In some cases where designations overlap we have provided one document covering two or more designations.

All these sites have now been divided into management units. This makes it easier for everyone to understand what management is needed in different parts of the site, some of which are very large. It should also make it easier to describe any actions that are needed to bring the features into favourable or recovering condition. These documents dovetail with an Actions Database for sites. The Actions Database is a planning tool for partner organisations involved with delivering the Wales Environment Strategy target to bring designated sites into favourable condition.

These documents have been compiled with the information about the sites that is available to CCW staff, and this is often much less than we would wish. The documents will be revised as new information is collected or as circumstances on the sites change. We would be grateful for feedback on these documents from anyone at any time.

CCW Management Planning guidance and management plan template

The 2003 Management Planning guidance outlines the CCW approach to management planning for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and terrestrial Special Areas of Conservation (SACs, Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Ramsar sites. The contents of the guidance follow accepted CCW procedures for preparing management plans for both biological and geological sites. This document identifies the minimum level of information required to construct a working management plan. Additional information may be required on certain sites, for example, access, interpretation and education information required in National Nature Reserve (NNR) management plans.

All CCW management plans, be they for NNRs, SSSIs or international designations (SAC, SPA, Ramsar sites) include site-level conservation objectives for all designated species and habitat features, based on the EC Habitats Directive concept of ‘favourable conservation status’ (FCS). CCW considers that a site level version of the FCS concept provides an appropriate basis for defining the desired state of habitats and species at a site level. Note that this approach is a matter of practical implementation. It does not imply that FCS as defined the Habitats Directive constitutes a statutory obligation at the individual site level.

The management plans also set out the conservation measures required to achieve the conservation objectives, that is to restore or maintain features at FCS on the sites.

The CCW management plan template is a more recent document (2008) developed specifically to ensure that all Natura 2000 plans developed for such sites in Wales adopt a consistent format and layout. The basic approach is consistent with the 2003 planning guidance.


Environmental Assessment

There are several kinds of statutory and non-statutory Environmental Assessment processes which are required by organisations delivering plans, programmes and/or projects.

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